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Embedding Classification Step

The EmbeddingSearchStep is used to embed a list of strings and search over them.

The list of strings can either be fixed and provided upon initialization in the candidates argument, or can be generated dynamically from each input row by passing in the candidates_fn argument which returns a list of strings.

In either case, the candidates will be embedded and saved to an in memory vector store using faiss. You can provide whatever embedding function you want in the embed_fn argument, for example Cohere, OpenAI, or custom embeddings.

The k value determines the number of embeddings returned and is often a parameter you may want to permute in a grid search.

For best results, it is best to provide a search_prompt that is dense with identifying information about the category.


In this example we use Cohere to embed our categories and search over them with a "short description" that we generated with a previous step.

COHERE_API_KEY = os.environ.get('COHERE_API_KEY')
co = cohere.Client(COHERE_API_KEY)

def embed(texts: List[str]):
  embeddings = co.embed(
  return np.array(embeddings).astype('float32')

embedding_search_prompt = lambda row: row["short_description"]

embedding_search_step = steps.EmbeddingSearchStep(
  search_prompt= embedding_search_prompt,

See this example for a full walkthrough.