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Use Cases

Superpipe is useful for any data labeling, extraction, classification, or tagging task where the output is structured and the structure is known.


  • Document extraction — Extract entities and facts from PDFs, emails, websites, etc.

  • Product Catalog tagging — Enrich your product catalog with AI-generated tags to power search, filtering and recommendations.

  • Query analysis — Extract filter arguments from natural language search queries.


  • Product Categorization — Categorize your product catalog into your custom taxonomy to power search, filtering and merchandising.

  • Sentiment analysis — Analyze sentiment of customer reviews, customer support interactions and flag important themes.

  • Customer & Business classification — Classify your customers or businesses into government classification codes (NAICS/SIC) or your custom internal categories.

  • Content moderation — Detect harmful or policy-violating content.

Next Steps

Workflow — to understand the full workflow we suggest for building pipelines.

Examples — for more advanced examples and usage.